Analytics Implemented in Web Development

The best part about statistics is that it can be applied in any field. It brings impactful insights that allow decision makers to be driven by data and not by instincts.
One technique that has gained recognition for its utility and the value it adds to the design of companies’ websites is A/B testing.

Companies such as Google, Netflix and e-commerce giants Amazon, EBay are continuously running multivariate tests; thousands of A/B tests run simultaneously in almost all possible combinations to see what changes draw more conversions, purchases, clicks or longer visits.

The main principle is that a certain percent of users is redirected to an alternative version of the primary site; their interaction with the webpage is compared with the behavior of the standard visitors.

If the tested version drives better results, it becomes the principal website. Based on how people interact with the website and respond to changes, this test allows constantly improving the user experience and increasing the quality of the traffic.

During the elections in the USA, Barack Obama’s team has relied on A/B testing in constructing the campaign website. The main goal was to find the site version with the combination of features that encourage visitors to subscribe and provide their e-mail addresses.

By implementing the insights of A/B testing, Obama’s team managed to convert approximately 13 million visitors into subscribers, therefore increase the conversion rate by 40 percent.

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