Predictive Analytics Help Amazon Read Your Mind

Having found a new approach for handling its vast amount of data, Amazon has gained a patent on predictive shipping method. If you have never heard of anticipatory shipping before, this is a recently coined term for a delivery method before the actual purchase takes place.
As a reaction to the technology trends that are showing an increased  interest for predicting customer behavior and what they will do even before they know it, Amazon wants to align to this pattern as well, so that they can edge out their rivals.
The idea of its implementation comes as a response to the need to cut delivery time and encourage customers to engage even more in online shopping.
The basic principle is that relying on the history of past customer behavior, products that are most likely to be purchased are shipped close to the customer’s location and stored there until they decide to redeem them.
Considering the fact that no predictive model is perfect, Amazon are said to offer “discounts or convert the delivery into a gift”, in case of potential inaccuracies in predictions and hasty deliveries.


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