Cost Saving Opportunities with Talent Analytics

In a constantly developing market there will always exist jobs that require only a certain set of skills and features, causing HR departments to go through long and costly recruitment processes to identify the suitable candidates.
Unfortunately this sometimes ends up with employee attrition, which is a common issue for many companies and if not approached correctly can generate considerable expenses.
A call center for a global financial company decided to take a more serious and different approach to this and in the end has greatly benefited by reducing the costs associated with trainings and by increasing the number of employees that remain in the company after the training period.
The business need was to identify which candidates have the motivation and interest for the job and who have the skills to remain in the company.
The goal was to come up with a way to quantify the candidate’s mindset and what set of qualities would make the perfect fit for the job.
There was created a mathematical model based on 10 talent metrics that were found to be statistically significant, identified by means of an online survey that was completed by top 122 employees of the call center.
The survey results showed that the top performers were strongly clustered, showing a clear similarity in behavioral and ambition metrics such as curiosity, problem solving approach, degree of cooperation, service orientation, and focus on results to name a few , statistically significant value range.
This statistical model has helped the HR department to identify what candidates are the best fit for the job and what is the probability for them to remain after the training sessions were over.


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