Data Discovery

Findings that are not obvious at a glance

Reduce Data Complexity

Through techniques like segmentation, clustering or classification for complex data or by applying data transformations using Map Reduce functions for big data structures.

Integrate Unstructured Data

Existing structures of data can be enriched with unstructured qualitative data comming from sources like social media monitoring. Then, techniques like text mining for sentiment extraction or non-parametric statistical methods to link with strutured & quantitative data are used to generate comprehensive insights.

Test Various Business Hypothesis

Through inferential statistics techniques and computationally intensive statistical programming in R, Python or SAS, business assumptions and scenarios are tested against available complex & big data.

Discover Patterns & Paths

Aggregation of findings from data into Business Intelligence platforms leads to visual discovery of patterns & paths in data that make sence from business perspective.

The ultimate mission

Support companies in using insights from data in day-to-day decision making.