Staffing Solutions

An approach tailored for Data Science & IT domains

We are specialized in recruiting data proffessionals for the following specific domains:
  • data architecture and analysis
  • modelling and machine learning
  • business intelligence and CRM
  • software development
Our pool for candidates is Eastern Europe, with a focus on Romania and Moldova.
Data Science Staffing Consultancy
Because identification of the right data science professionals who can address specific business problems can be more than just recruiting, we combine three ingredients in order to offer complete staffing solutions:
  • we break down the business problem to the level where we can identify which data science chapter can address the business need
  • we run the recruitment process until we obtain a short list of candidates with the appropriate skills
  • we apply our data scinece expertise to link, test and validate candidates' profiles, being able to design an optimal fit between the data science solution for the business problem and the candidate's domain specific capabilities.

Either you have a data professional recruitment need or an advanced data science profile identification, we have a staffing solution.
The ultimate mission

Support companies in using insights from data in day-to-day decision making.